Dr. Aliza Pressman | Dads: Finding your superpower in the partnership of parenting

Aliza’s Tips for Dads

  • Find something you’re great at and be a superhero


In the newborn period when dads can sometimes feel like, what's my role here other than to of course support mom?

It's like, be the best swaddler ever, and be available for bath time, because those are real skill-based. You know, you can practice that, you can practice the swaddling, you can practice the bathtime, and I've seen so many dads just knock that out of the park. And it just becomes their favorite thing and then it's just super helpful to mom. So it's just win-win everywhere. When a dad is good at something in those early months instead of feeling instead of mom feeling like, you don't know how to do this, I have to do everything. All of a sudden she can relax because it's like, dad's got the swaddle, it's, you know, you've got this better than I do, or the diaper change or something that you can feel like, “Oh, I can relax because my partner has, this one”. It is such a different vibe than “I'll just, I'll do it. The baby's crying, I'll just take care of it. I'll do it better. You don't do this enough so you don't know how to do this.”

So it changes the dynamic of the relationship between the caregivers and it's just such a beautiful contribution to what your baby sees as partnership.

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