Dr. Pressman | Why enrichment works best during the safety of routine

Key Takeaway:

  • Enrichment works best during the safety of routine, because that's when baby feels secure and open to new experiences


When your child feels safe and loved and has a predictable life, they can and are ready to learn.

It's important to pair routine and safety and care with enrichment because that's the only time enrichment is useful.

So you've now been attuned to them, you've touched them, you cuddled with them, you've built a predictable routine for them. They feel loved, they feel safe, they feel ready to explore, and then you can bring things to their attention that they'll be so excited to experience because they don't have to worry about anything else that's all taken care of. They're fed, they're sleeping well. Hopefully they're not going to be sitting in a dirty diaper for too long.

So if your child is cared for and they have a predictable routine and they know what to expect and they know that their needs are met, then they are open to learn.

And then you can bring things into there, into your interactions with them that help their brain grow.

They kind of know like at a certain point, wow, we've done this every single day. We've taken a bath, we've cuddled, we've read a book, my mom sings to me. So they're getting all of those things and then, when you bring something into your environmental interaction with them or when you bring something into your interaction with them, they're like, “yeah, tell me more. I want this!” because they're ready for it, their brain is open to it. 

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