Dr. Pressman | Your baby's brain is making 1 million connections per second

Dr. Pressman's tips for connecting with baby:

  1. Do what comes instinctively
  2. Don't think you need to be there for every single moment
  3. Make the moments you have as meaningful as you can


So this is mind blowing: from the moment your baby is born and for the first three years they are creating 1 million new neural connections per second. Which is magnificent, and this does show you the meaning of those first few years, how beautiful and important those first few years are. But also they're making those connections whether or not you are trying to make them make those connections, that's happening. Their brains are ripe for taking in their parents. Their brains are ripe for taking an information and for learning about the world. But how they learn about the world and those first few years and certainly those first few days and weeks and months is through their primary caregivers. And so your relationship, the way you interact, the way you speak with your child, the way you connect with your child, how attuned you are to the experience that they're having, shows them that they can feel safe in this world because you've got this.

And then they have the freedom to take their brain space and explore, which is what they should be doing. And you are teaching them all the time. You are their guide. So they're watching and learning from you. And so if you're thinking you're taking too much time for yourself, cause you took a moment to take some breaths they're watching you take those breaths to take care of yourself and they are learning about self-regulation in that moment. When you're smiling at them and experiencing delight when they're giggling or cooing or whatever it is they they're doing that's so delicious, they're learning that when do something, someone cares so it motivates them to do more. So those interactions, which are all part of your instinct are growing their brains by the second. And that is what is so magical about these first few years.

Even if it's for 10 minutes, you just really want to find those moments to connect while you're caregiving.

So even if you can't be there at every moment, which nobody can, but even if you're not there all day and you just come home from work and it's bedtime already and you think, “Oh my God, I've missed this whole day of my baby's growth and development”, you have that bedtime routine to reconnect. You have that one song you can sing every time that they'll associate with you. You'll have that moment and it will be incredibly meaningful. Come in there and find your routine with your baby, even if it's just a quick and short routine each day.

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