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Plant-based Ingredients for Baby's Skin.

Food Grade Quality Standards

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Our Cleaning Concentrate Trial


Our concentrate is 100% plant and mineral-based, non-toxic, neurologically safe for baby, and microbiome friendly.

- 4oz of our cleaning concentrate

- 1 refillable stainless steel bottle of your choice

Safe for baby and the planet

One Trial Bottle Makes —

1 Baby Dish Soaps
2 Hand Soaps
4 Surface Sprays


Fewer Better Things for Baby

Our mantra at Healthybaby is ‘fewer, better things.’ That means reducing waste and clutter, and ensuring that the things we do choose to introduce to our environment are safe, high quality, and serve a purpose (or perhaps even more than one!). Make your home a Healthybaby by reducing single use plastics, avoiding harmful chemicals, and reusing household items in creative ways.

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