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Out of Stock Made with organic cotton

Our Cloth Diaper Fitted Organic Cotton Inner

Our cotton fitted inner is paired with one of our covers below to make for an absorbent, leakfree, soft and effective cloth diaper. Because every family diapers differently, we made two options for our diaper cover. Use one or the other, or mix and match to find the perfect combo for you and baby.
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Our absorbent inner diaper made of unbleached, organic birdseye cotton. 

- 1 organic cotton inner diapers

Absorbent inner diapers: care guide.

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Our Organic Cloth Diaper Fitted Inner

Cotton inner diapers:
Made of 100% unbleached, GOTS Certified organic cotton. Each inner diaper has two rows of snaps, and with multiple size options, you can get the best fit for baby.  

Because baby is soaking it all in

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