Whether you’re a full-time, part-time or experimenting cloth diaper family, we are here to help—

We developed a design that allows for the most custom sizing, breathability, convenient care for your family, and of course, the most natural materials for your baby’s skin and our environment. Our cloth diapers are made with love in Brooklyn, New York.


Our Cloth Diaper System—

We sourced the most natural and softest material for our cloth diapers. Our cloth diaper is made of two components, an absorbent inner diaper, and a soft waterproof outer diaper.

Cotton fitted inner diaper - absorbent inner diaper made of unbleached, organic birdseye cotton. This is a natural and soft material to wrap around your baby’s skin. Our birdseye cotton is fast drying and absorbent. The elastic leg gussets are designed to comfortably hug your baby’s legs and prevent leaks. Our organic cotton comes from Pakistan, and the diapers are made in New York. For a perfect fit, our fitted diapers come in three sizes, each with a set of snaps to grow with your baby throughout the size.

Our cotton fitted inner is paired with one of our covers below to make for an absorbent, leakfree, soft and effective cloth diaper. Because every family diapers differently, we made two options for our diaper cover. Use one or the other, or mix and match to find the perfect combo for you and baby.

Merino wool cover - a super soft, organic merino wool cover. Merino wool is a naturally breathable, stink-proof, water resistant and plastic-free material plus it is so cozy and soft on delicate skin (we promise it’s not like an itchy sweater!) The Merino wool is knit here in the USA. It’s made with several snap options, and made in three sizes for a comfortable fit. You may think wool is hot, but the wool naturally breathes and stays cool.

Ultra-light waterproof covers - for a zero-bulk, easy to wash option, our waterproof covers great. This cover can be wiped down between uses. Plus they come in super cute colors, green and gray. They have rise snaps which allow for an adjusted fit as your baby grows through the size. Our waterproof material is made here in the US, and the diapers are sewn in the USA.

Doublers for added absorbency - While you’re becoming the master of your baby’s sleep and diaper routines, you may realize you need extra absorbency. In that case, you can add our organic cotton doubler in your baby’s diaper. This works great for a longer trip or nighttime while organic cotton offers an absorbent and natural alternative.

Stay dry liner- If you’d like to have a liner to keep your baby’s skin super dry, you can use a fleece ‘stay dry’ liner, which is super soft and great at wicking moisture away, to keep your baby’s skin dry.

*For our wool covers, if you’re between sizes, we recommend sizing down.

Our Care Guide—

Cloth diapering does require a bit more care, as you’re reusing materials. Don't worry! We will send you a healthynest cloth diaper care guide with your order!

What we’re made of—

Fitted cotton diaper: organic unbleached birdseye cotton, elastic, plastic snaps
Merino wool cover: organic merino wool, plastic snaps, spandex elastic
Waterproof cover: 73% polyester, 27% polyurethane, elastic
Cotton doubler: organic unbleached birdseye cotton 

Because baby is soaking it all in—


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Cotton is a natural material with natural oils and it needs to be washed and dried two to three times before your first use. This prep will ensure a more absorbent and effective diaper! Wash your new fitteds in hot water with a normal dose of detergent. Add a second rinse to get all the detergent off your diapers. Dry on low heat or hang dry to avoid shrinking. Remember to not use bleach or fabric softener and opt for wool dryer balls to soften diapers in a dryer.
Check out our handy cloth diaper care guide, available with each order! We’ll walk you through each wash and pro-tip from pre-treatments to lanolizing to stain removal! Need more info? Give us a call!
f your a part-time cloth parent divide our guide below in half which is estimated for a full-time cloth diapering family: NB-6 months you’ll need about 28 inners and 6 covers (at least!) 6-12 months we recommend at least 24 inners and 6 covers 1 year+ 18 inners, and 4 outers! We recommend changing the inner diaper every 2-3 hours, or as soon as a #2 happens!
Wash the covers with warm water and hang to dry. The covers can easily be wiped down between uses. When caring for your covers, it is important not to use bleach, fabric softener, or an iron.
Hand wash the wool covers, and air dry them. You will want to use lanolin a few times a month, see our guide for how to lanolize wool! Lanolizing helps keep the wool waterproof, it is a completely natural process. Make sure to fully air dry the covers out between uses.
Yes! Organic cotton inners are super breathable and the elastic leg cuffs keep messes in. However keep an eye on your little one because while going simple has its perks, these inners are not totally waterproof and may be a bit messy!
Opt for a fragrance free and mild detergent. Even though a dirty diaper may seem like the mess-of-all-messes in your washer, using half the recommended amount actually results in a cleaner and more absorbent diaper. Plus using less detergent and a mild formula is actually best for your baby’s delicate skin!
Wet Pail Dry Pail Straight into the wash to soak On-the-go waterproof bag
Polyurethane is needed to make the polyester cover waterproof. This allows the cover to do its job of keeping messes and liquid contained inside the cover. Our cover material is CPSIA compliant, and made in the USA. This material is completely safe for baby, and has been tested for flammability. The cover does not go directly on baby’s skin, our organic cotton diaper fitted is the material that wraps around baby’s skin. The inside of the cover is an exposed polyurethane laminate that does not absorb moisture. This is why our waterproof covers, are lightweight and can be wiped clean and washed easily. If you’d like a cloth diaper option that does not use polyester, you can pair our cotton fitted diaper with our merino wool cover, to have only natural materials on baby’s skin.