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Plant-based Ingredients for Baby's Skin.

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Our Laundry Concentrate (Subscription)

16oz laundry concentrate

Our non-toxic EWG VERIFIED™ Diaper is the safest option for baby's developing brain. It is the culmination of 900+ lab tests for quality, 3 years of product development, 2,300 banned ingredients. Third-party tested to outperform the big brands and prevent blowouts.  


- Oeko-tex Standard 100

- Nordic Swan Ecolabel

1. Plant-based Absorbent Core - Sustainably harvested fluffy diaper core that absorbs liquid. Absorbent core made of 60% absorbent polymer (sodium polyacrylate) and 40% wood pulp (100% sourced from sustainably managed forests, FSC Certified® and Totally Chlorine-Free) ; Core wrap made of 100% polypropylene ; Acquisition Layer made of 100% polyester. 2. Plant-based Backsheet and Cotton Enhanced Outer Cover - Breathable waterproof layer that keeps any mess inside, paired with our dreamy soft cotton enhanced outercover. Backsheet made of 45% plant-based polyethylene, 45% calcium carbonate, 10% adhesive* and <0.5% printed ink (ethanol, propane-2-ol, ethyl acetate, D&C black no. 2, pigment yellow 13, pigment yellow 74, pigment red 48:2, pigment red 53, pigment blue 15, pigment green 7, pigment orange 34, pigment violet 23) made without lead or heavy metals. Outer cover made of 45% polyethylene, 40% polyester and 15% cotton. 3. Plant-based Topsheet - Soft, fast-absorbing plant-based layer that wicks away moisture and keeps baby’s skin dry. Topsheet made of 50% plant-based polyethylene and 50% polypropylene. 4. Plant-based Leg Cuffs - Stretchy and super soft for a snug fit around baby’s legs, and for protection from leaks. Leg cuffs made of 35% plant-based polyethylene, 35% polypropylene, 20% adhesive* and 10% elastic polyurethane. 5. Stretchy closing system - For a comfortable, snug fit that moves with baby! Front tabs, back tabs and Velcro made of 55% polypropylene, 25% adhesive* and 20% polyethylene. 6. *Adhesives made of 45% styrene-isoprene block copolymer, 40% styrene-butadiene block copolymer, 10% hydrogenated naphthenic processing oil,4% poly(methylstyrene-co-indene), and 1% pentaerythritol tetrakis(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyhydrocinnamate)

At healthynest, sustainability is a key factor in every decision we make. Even if it means our bottom line is a little smaller, we choose to do what’s better and safer for the environment. From developing the first-ever EWG Verified disposable diaper to reducing single-use plastics to improving cloth diapers, we do all we can to keep the environment cleaner and diapers safer for the next generation.

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Safe for baby and the planet

Because Baby is Soaking it All In

When it comes to our diaper - everything that touches baby’s skin is made from plant-based materials, and most importantly, we never sacrifice efficacy. Our diaper is the softest, most premium, plant-based option available on the market.

900+ Lab Tests
3 Years Of Development
100% Transparency


Fewer Better Things for Baby

Our mantra at healthynest is ‘fewer, better things.’ That means reducing waste and clutter, and ensuring that the things we do choose to introduce to our environment are safe, high quality, and serve a purpose (or perhaps even more than one!). Make your home a healthynest by reducing single use plastics, avoiding harmful chemicals, and reusing household items in creative ways.

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Customer Reviews

“Extremely soft, high quality diapers. I love the company’s commitment to high standards for both product materials and eco friendly approach. Customer service is on point”

—Nicole T.

“My daughter calls these diapers 'the soft ones' and prefers them over any other brand. Now that she can tell me what she wants there's no going back!”

—Amy J.

As a first time mom it was all very overwhelming when trying to make decisions on the right products for my baby. I found exactly what I was looking for with healthynest . 

—Dr. A.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We developed our cleaning concentrate to be babysafe and neurotoxin free, with no endocrine disruptors. The ingredients in our concentrate are plant and mineral-based. Our cleaning system replaces plastic bottles with refillable custom stainless steel bottles that are made specifically for baby, as stainless steel does not leach and does not shatter. Our cleaning system has no single-use product or packaging -- even the concentrate itself does not come in single-use packaging.
We recommend diluting our cleaning concentrate with filtered or distilled water. We do not recommend using tap water, as it can be full of pollutants and can leave hard water stains. Learn more about the water quality in your city from our friends at EWG, who maintain a research-based water quality database. You can learn more here:
Our cleaning concentrate is not antibacterial. In order to make claims of disinfecting, sanitizing or being antibacterial, cleaning products must contain a registered EPA pesticide. Our priority is formulating with gentle, babysafe and non-toxic ingredients.
Of course! If you have a stain, we recommend applying some concentrate directly on the stain and letting it sit for about 10 minutes, then washing as normal. If it’s your first time using the concentrate on this fabric, we recommend testing on a small patch on the fabric first, to make sure the color of your fabric is not affected.
Yes, you can. Our cleaning concentrate can be used to clean just about anything in your home. For a stronger surface spray to clean your kitchen or bathrooms and tile, you can increase the cleaning power by adding more concentrate. To start, we recommend adding 15-30ml more of concentrate to the surface spray, and see how that works for your cleaning needs. For deeper cleaning, you can also let a few minutes pass between when you spray the surface you’re cleaning, and when you wipe it clean.
No. We do not test any of our products on animals.
Yes, it is vegan.
Yes, it is! We don’t add any unnecessary ingredients in our concentrate. It is completely fragrance free.
We eliminate plastic wherever possible. The only time we use plastic is when it is absolutely necessary for the integrity of our product, or to effectively use our products. Unfortunately foaming tops and spray bottle tops are only made in plastic right now. We are committed to eliminating more and more plastic from all of our products, and we are working on an even more plastic-reduced solution!
Because our cleaning concentrate does have some water in it, it is necessary to have a preservative to protect against any harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Several factors in our formula, including the sodium bicarbonate (food grade baking soda), natural rosemary oil, and the PH level allow for a balanced and preserved product. After years of development and testing, we chose sodium benzoate as our preservative, as this is the safest option and is also plant-based. Our concentrate is both EWG Verified and MadeSafe Certified, meaning that their teams of scientists rigorously reviewed our ingredients and processes and have deemed our cleaning concentrate as ultra safe.
Definitely! We use a plant-based formula that is biodegradable, EWG Verified and MadeSafe Certified. That means it’s safe for you and your family as well as for our delicate ecosystem and waterways. Our refillable bottles and recyclable concentrate container eliminate single-use plastic in your home cleaning. Every purchase of our cleaning concentrate allows you to avoid using over 10 plastic bottles. We also save energy and fuel by selling a concentrate, and not shipping around water.
The amount of time it takes to go through one 32oz concentrate bottle will differ depending on how often you use the cleaning products. For a family of three, one 32oz concentrate bottle will typically last 2-3 months.
Our dishcloths are made of 70% wood pulp and 30% cotton. Both materials are naturally 100% biodegradable and compostable.
The ink used to print our designs on the cloths is 100% water based ink that complies with OEKO-TEX standards.
Yes, it is! Our cleaning concentrate is made in sunny Southern California, with our manufacturer that is an EPA Green Power Partner. We are proud to say that the sun powers up to 86% of the electricity for our cleaning concentrate.

Looking for more info? Here’s our full FAQ.