The Joy of Jargoning

Month 10
Month 11
Month 12

Last Month's Wow:

The Power of Pointing

Pointing has become baby’s preferred method of expressing agency. Using their finger as a tool for communication—for locating things, keeping track, and indicating needs and desires.

The Wow of Now:

The Joy of Jargoning

Baby is achieving a new level of connection through jargoning. Right before your eyes, baby is adjusting to maintaining balance between independence and collaboration.

The Wow Ahead:

First Words

Strap in, the words are coming. Beyond imitation, baby is going to begin using words with purpose, asking for what they need and telling you how they feel. The language explosion is right around the corner.

The Wow

Baby’s babbling is morphing into language. This is a new kind of flow we call fluency. Baby is imitating those around them and mimicking the rhythm, quality, and differentiation of language—even if they can’t say the words yet. Mirror neurons allow them to imitate singsong sounds, facial expressions, and the qualities of language that will eventually become their first words.

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