First Words

Month 11
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Month 13

Last Month's Wow:

The Joy of Jargoning

Baby's babbling has transformed into the human music of language, jargoning.

The Wow of Now:

First Words

Baby is using their first words not as a party trick, but on purpose, to express their needs and wants.

The Wow Ahead:

First Steps

New skills are popping up daily—a new word, a new step, even crawling up stairs. This is development in action. From cruising to walking, over the next few months, baby is on the move.

The Wow

Baby is learning new words constantly. The word drip may be slow over the next few months, but each word baby learns unlocks several more. Remember, receptive language (what they understand) comes before speaking. Focus on “where” questions to encourage them to understand you, and soon they’ll have so much more to say—even though you may be the only one who understands it.

Baby may already have some word approximations: words they use consistently and intentionally to describe a specific item. Like “wa” for water, as long as it’s used for only water, officially counts as a word. Don’t be alarmed when baby falls back to earlier ways of expressing their wants and needs, particularly when they’re too frustrated to use their words. Encourage them to experiment with the consistency of words for specific things, and though you’ve gotten good at knowing exactly what baby wants, try to let them work a little to tell you.

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