First Steps

Month 12
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Last Month's Wow:

First Words

Baby is learning new words constantly; each one they learn unlocks several more.

The Wow of Now:

First Steps

With the first tentative steps, the stream is widening into a fast-moving river that requires a higher level of skill to navigate. Curiosity morphs into an even greater hunger for learning.

The Wow Ahead:

Walking and Talking

Movement and language development are the twin sails of your child’s boat. Together they bring greater social connection and problem-solving skills.

The Wow

Sharper gross and fine-motor skills mean more freedom for baby to explore the world on their own. However, awareness of freedom can bring awareness of potential danger. To take greater risks baby has to feel safety in their routine; nailing this balance depends on their temperament as well as their relationship with you. Only a baby who has the chance to fall can learn to walk.

Exploration is how babies learn about the ever-changing world. Stepping away and running back, holding hands and letting go—it all represents the need for independence. As a caregiver, your job is to create opportunities for this exploration within the safety and consistency of your relationship, which is their secure home base from which to explore. There’s a delicate balance between the security of routine and the attraction of novelty. This is a great opportunity to notice how baby’s approach to walking reflects their unique temperament and attachment style.

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