Walking and Talking

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Last Month's Wow:

First Steps

Walking is controlled falling. Baby must find enough safety in routine to take on the risk of falling. This balance is dependent on both their temperament and their relationship with you.

The Wow of Now:

Walking and Talking

Baby has new and exciting ways to communicate with their world. Talking and walking are coming online; language and motor development represent the key to baby’s interaction with their expanding universe.

The Wow Ahead:

Peak Stranger Danger and New Sleep Disturbances

The development of object permanence means that now baby knows you’re in the other room when they wake up or venture too far away. You’ll need to rely on the security of routines to navigate this change in the current!

The Wow

Movement and language are the developmental twin sails of your child’s sailboat. Together, they bring greater social connection and problem-solving skills. Baby can point and label to express exactly what they want. They move towards whatever piques their curiosity. They begin to figure out how to climb. As babies master walking, fine motor skills like stacking, knocking down, and stacking again begin to emerge as experiments with gravity. This increased motor coordination, plus dexterity, emerging handedness (right vs. left), hand/eye coordination, and arm/leg coordination represents a maturing of their individuation process.

The nervous system’s myelination process, which started way back upstream around 3 or 4 months, is now refined and supporting their confidence. Baby’s determination to do things is finally rewarded with the physical ability to actually do them! And with determination there will naturally be frustration, especially when what baby understands is way ahead of what they can actually say.  Depending on temperament, some babies may master walking first while others prioritize speaking. Remember: development is not a race. Each stream moves at its own pace, and the best way to keep that stream flowing in the right direction is through play.

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