Peak Stranger Danger and New Sleep Disturbances

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Last Month's Wow:

Walking and Talking

Talking and walking are coming online and language and motor development represent the key to baby's interaction with their expanding universe.

The Wow of Now:

Peak Stranger Danger and New Sleep Disturbances

Baby's world is rapidly expanding. These changes are often accompanied by an emerging concept of danger, which can be disruptive. Routines can help ground and comfort in these choppy waters.

The Wow Ahead:

The Power of Scaffolding

Now that baby is exploring and engaging through movement and language, it’s time to connect in a deeper way. “Scaffolding” is a term used to describe ways of actively supporting and encouraging your tot’s development.

The Wow

Major accomplishments like talking and walking inspire independence. Yay! But you may also notice new disturbances in sleep, separation anxiety, and stranger danger. Uh-oh. But it actually makes sense that there would be a connection between emerging independence and stranger danger. After all, being cautious with strangers is one of the ways humans have survived for millions of years. For your tot (and for you) routines can help bring the security that they need in times of change. Keep this simple formula in mind: Routine + novelty + empathy = the key to flow.

A transitional object, like a stuffy, a blanket, or other cherished item, can offer the security your tot needs during transitions in order to seek out independence. The reassurance that a transitional object provides can help them navigate challenges, keeping them on course as the currents of development continue to change.

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