The Power of Scaffolding

Month 15
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Month 17

Last Month's Wow:

Peak Stranger Danger and New Sleep Disturbances

As major milestones, like talking and walking fuel greater independence, you may notice new disturbances in sleep, separation anxieties, and stranger danger.

The Wow of Now:

The Power of Scaffolding

Your body language speaks louder than your words. How you respond to danger and challenges feeds or detracts from baby's confidence. When you can, replace “NO!” with “Careful” and save “NO!” for the truly life-threatening stuff.

The Wow Ahead:

Playing Pretend + Solo Play

Taking-turns games naturally flow into a deeper level of play—a whole landscape of imagination—with and without toys.

The Wow

Scaffolding is a term used to define ways of actively supporting and encouraging your tot's development. It allows your tot to achieve a task or solve a problem that’s currently just outside of their abilities. It’s a collaborative process where an adult joins in their tot’s play in order to add a layer of learning to something baby already knows. Offering “just enough” support at “just the right time” can help build a bridge from baby’s existing knowledge to new, lasting knowledge.

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