Playing Pretend + Solo Play

Month 16
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Last Month's Wow:

The Power of Scaffolding

Scaffolding is particularly helpful when teaching babies (even older children!) new information in a lasting and meaningful way. Meanwhile, how you respond to danger or challenges feeds or detracts from baby’s confidence.

The Wow of Now:

Playing Pretend + Solo Play

You may have noticed that baby is starting to play independently for longer stretches of time—a few minutes, for now. You can support their budding independence by creating an environment that supports solo play.

The Wow Ahead:

The First Hints of Tantrums

As baby's development flows deeper into toddlerhood, the distance between what they understand and what they can actually say grows wider, causing frustration. This is where tantrums come in.

The Wow

Even the simplest objects (a pack of wipes, spatulas, unfolded laundry) can inspire play. Activities like blocks, puzzles, and turn-taking games unlock the world of pretend play, becoming the jumping-off points for baby to explore on their own. They will start to look forward to playing—and all the problem-solving skills and discovery that come with it. It’s the key to kickstarting imagination and creativity. From dress-up to pretend kitchen to making forts, independent and imaginary adventures can provide hours of child-directed play as baby ages.

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