Two-Word Phrases

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Last Month's Wow:

Setting Limits

Your baby may be living in the now, but loving and consistent limits can help teach them about “later.”

The Wow of Now:

Two-Word Phrases

As a result of all their hard work to prepare for speech since birth, this is when most babies experience a vocabulary explosion. Baby may know anywhere from 50 to 100 words, next up: two-word sentences!

The Wow Ahead:

The Power of Comparison

As your toddler wades deeper into the language river, the world of comparisons open up, beginning with this/that, big/small, long/short, and high/low. But the two most challenging comparisons are before/after and good/bad.

The Wow

Your child’s new magic trick? Previously grunted single words are turning into real phrases. These phrases are the precursor to more nuanced ways of expressing themselves and picking up the local ecology of your family (the sayings and expressions you use in your own atmosphere). Baby has been busy processing the complex words they weren’t able to master just a few months ago. And now that they have them, they’re working on refining what they hear—both sounds and words—into simple phrases that convey real meaning.

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