The Power of Comparison

Month 24
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Last Month's Wow:

Two-Word Phrases

Baby is processing all the complex words they weren’t able to master just a few months ago. Expect to hear simple, two-word phrases that mimic the ecology of your family.

The Wow of Now:

The Power of Comparison

Baby has a good grasp of size and quantity: They know when someone has more crackers than they do or when someone else’s slice of cake is bigger than theirs. They can count on their fingers to show how old they are and they are likely sorting by shape and size. Exciting stuff!

The Wow Ahead:

Transitions and Tantrums

Opening up the comparison of before/after and first/next can lead to a new awareness of time. The other thing it can lead to? Tantrums around transitions. Anything from getting out the door to putting away the art supplies is fair game.

The Wow

Learning through comparisons and polarities like big/little, long/short, and more/less is a major step into high-level executive function (analysis, abstract reasoning, calculations, and predictions). Formal teaching through memorization is not the way to get baby learning; everyday experiences—doing, trying, failing, and repeating—are what unlock baby’s brain for success. Mathematical concepts all around us, and they are so ready to take them on! On the flip side, this logical thinking can lead to a binary state of rigid thinking and increased frustration.

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