When to Potty Train

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Last Month's Wow:

Transitions and Tantrums

Transitions tap executive-function skills—inhibitory control, working memory, and attention—and challenge baby’s powerful feelings of independence and exploration.

The Wow of Now:

When to Potty Train

Interoception is the awareness of what’s going on inside you. This includes feeling full, the impact of food or exercise on the body, and the need to use the bathroom. The development of interoception has been linked to greater emotional regulation and is connected to later-life success.

The Wow Ahead:

The Power of Questions

The river is getting wider as your toddler expands their vocabulary and begins playing with words, ushering in the next phase in development: questions.

The Wow

Toilet learning looks different in every culture. In some families, it’s common to start using the toilet early. In others, it comes well after age three. Making a decision on when to start toilet learning should be informed by listening closely to your baby and your family’s needs; babies are generally ready to consider it once they can sense having to go before they actually go. They also need to be capable of following simple instructions, stay dry for at least two hours (or through naps), understand body parts and bathroom-related words, and communicate their need to use the toilet with gestures or words. You may also notice that they have interest in bathroom activities or appear uncomfortable in soiled diapers, so keep your eyes peeled.

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