The Middle Way

Month 32
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Last Month's Wow:

The Power of Questions

Asking lots of questions is a product of baby’s developing confidence, curiosity, and spirit of inquiry. Answering them develops new and important connections between you and baby.

The Wow of Now:

The Middle Way

As your toddler approaches year three of life, many new possibilities open up. You can optimize your child’s development by helping them experience the Middle Way: Between hot and cold is warm. Between black and white is gray. Between you and me is sharing. And, most important of all, between the beginning of a story and the end of a story is the middle. This middle ground is where growth mindset lives, and it brings resilience, courage, and empathy to your child’s development.

The Wow Ahead:

All By Myself

In the year ahead, baby is moving to the next levels of development, connection, purpose, and of course—flow. Welcome to Three!

The Wow

Understanding process is where the plot for baby’s development thickens: How do I get better, stronger, faster, and more competent? A “growth mindset” is when baby believes that they are capable of gaining new skills and increasing competence through hard work, perseverance, determination, and effort. This is different from a “fixed mindset,” in which baby believes that they are naturally gifted and talented, and that their abilities are fixed in place. Demonstrating that they can gain skills, reflecting on their development thus far, and helping them to find reward in the how, helps build a growth mindset that can lead to greater satisfaction, resilience, and self-esteem.

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