All By Myself

Month 34
Month 36

Last Month's Wow:

The Middle Way

The middle is where growth mindset lives. Understanding progress, effort, and perseverance through a growth mindset adds resilience, courage, and empathy to your child’s development.

The Wow of Now:

All By Myself

Congratulations! Your little tug boat made it to the big river. At three-years-old, your toddler may be self-reliant, dress themselves, make decisions, have taste preferences…all while speaking in sentences and making friends.

The Wow

Baby is bursting with potential: new skills, new levels of connection, new experience of flow. Their brain is continuing to build a foundation for lifelong learning and is already pruning connections based on the quality and consistency of interactions they’ve had so far. Their competence (and confidence!) is evolving, too, outwardly expanding baby’s circle of experience—playing with other children (instead of alongside them in parallel play), for example.

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