The Flow of Movement

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Last Month's Wow:

Food is Information!

Creating opportunities to explore different tastes opens your baby’s world and helps regulate the immune system.

The Wow of Now:

The Flow of Movement

Baby’s consciousness is widening and the rhythms of the Neuro-Gastro-Immune system are maturing. This integrated operating system is tasked with information-processing, learning, and memory. The introduction of eating has activated curiosity, which then activates movement and purposely using one’s body to get what one wants. Or in a word: agency.

The Wow Ahead:


Baby is about to have a lot to say. By babbling, baby is practicing moving their lips and tongue to speak—and having fun doing it. This opens the door to a new kind of agency—creating sounds!

The Wow

For baby, movement holds the key to learning and understanding the world around them. From tummy time, to rolling, to sitting independently, they are making major physical leaps. Sitting means freeing up the hands to explore objects and see the world from a new perspective: looking across the room instead of only up or down when laying on their back or belly and determination to bend forward to reach that thing they see, which eventually leads to crawling. Curiosity feeds skill development and skill development feeds curiosity, further expanding baby’s control over their place in the world. This is a HUGE wow-moment in their development and a precursor to the explosion of communication in the second half of the first year of life. 

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