Month 6
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Last Month's Wow:

The Flow of Movement

Baby is eager to explore and motor control gives them agency over their world. New skills are allowing them to communicate with purpose and intention.

The Wow of Now:


As eating has advanced over the last months, facial expressions have become more refined. Improved motor control of the lips and tongue enables them to make the first hard consonants (think: “babadadagaga”).

The Wow Ahead:


Enter: Crawling—plus a whole new world of possibility. But separating from you is hard work, and the push and pull of independence can be overwhelming at times.

The Wow

Baby uses babbling to take their agency to the next level and engage with the world around them. Babbling can be recognized by up-and-down tones that sound like talking, with a healthy mix of noises, gestures, and squeaks to compliment every conversation. Supporting and encouraging the use of sound to connect has far-reaching effects, creating opportunities for baby to experiment with various forms of communication and to discover the most effective ways to be heard and understood. Babies model speech patterns, the ebb and flow of conversation, from those around them. As they start to understand more of what you say (receptive language begins around 8 months), you’ll begin to understand their wants, needs, and opinions.

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