Picky Eating

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Last Month's Wow:


Baby may have added sitting and crawling to their repertoire in recent months. This newfound mobility means new adventures, new dangers, and new fears around separation.

The Wow of Now:

Picky Eating

Picky eating is directly connected to baby’s recent stops in the flow—increased mobility and stranger anxiety. As their world expands, they seek more “choice” in what they do, where they go, and what they eat.

The Wow Ahead:

The Power of Pointing

The stream is widening. As baby discovers the concept of “where” they use pointing to get your attention, to signal their interest, and to share a moment of connection.

The Wow

As your baby develops motor independence (and some separation anxiety) they may also begin exhibiting the first signs of stranger danger and picky eating. These are all naturally connected. As baby becomes aware that things exist elsewhere, they begin to get suspicious about strangers entering their space. This is perfectly normal and the beginning of a deeper awareness of personal space and safety. 
Picky eating and stranger danger are both part of becoming more independent in the world.  Making a choice–whether eating the same thing over-and-over again or refusing new foods–means defining their sense of self. In addition, picky eating may actually help your baby feel safe and secure amidst a flurry of change. As they gain new skills like walking, talking, climbing, and separating, consistency—even in regard to food choices—can be comforting.

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