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Our Shampoo and Body Wash Concentrate Refill


Reduce, refill and recycle with Our Shampoo and Body Wash. Our Concentrate makes a luxurious 2-in-1 foaming shampoo and body wash that is perfect for sensitive skin and gentle enough for newborns. Formulated with botanicals and probiotics to support baby's natural microbiome. Each bottle of Concentrate refills up to 8 stainless steel bottles for more than 200 bath times!

* Stainless steel bottles not included with refill

Need the Full Shampoo & Bodywash System? Get one 34 fl oz. bottle of concentrate with 2 stainless steel bottles. Shop Now

Makes a luxurious 2-in-1 foaming shampoo and body wash that is perfect for sensitive skin and gentle enough for newborns.

- Fill stainless steel bottle with concentrate using provided measuring cup (ounces depends on what product you are making!)

-Fill the remaining space in the bottle with water (no higher than the twinkle on the logo)

-Gently shake to mix and use

Fewer Better Things for Baby

Our Shampoo and Body Wash System

Our concentrate is 100% plant-based, non-toxic, and formulated with ingredients to protect and enrich baby’s vulnerable microbiome. Made with a blend of prebiotics, probiotics, organic chamomile, organic calendula and sustainably harvested organic soap bark.

Because baby is soaking it all in

Frequently Asked Questions

We made one wash for the whole family, that is EWG Verified and MadeSafe certified. Our all family shampoo/body wash is babysafe and non-toxic, infused with prebiotics and probiotics and made with 100% plant-based ingredients. The concentrate comes with our refillable stainless steel bottles that are developed for baby, as they avoid leaching from single-use plastics and are shatter-free. Each purchase of the shampoo/body wash concentrate allows you to avoid the use of six plastic bottles.
Yes, all of our products are fragrance free.
The subtle smell in our body wash concentrate comes from the organic chamomile, calendula and lavender essential oils. This is a naturally occurring smell that comes from the ingredients, not an added or synthetic fragrance.
A little goes a long way! Each concentrate makes three bottles of the baby wash, and three bottles of the all family wash, good for up to 200 baths.
We recommend diluting our concentrate with filtered or distilled water.
Because our shampoo/body wash concentrate contains a small amount of water, it is necessary to have a preservative to protect against any harmful bacteria and microorganisms. It’s important that a safe preservative is used. After years of development and testing, we have sodium benzoate as our preservative, as this is the safest option. Our concentrate is both EWG Verified and MadeSafe Certified, meaning their teams of scientists rigorously reviewed our ingredients and processes and have determined our shampoo/body wash concentrate as ultra safe.
This is expected. Because our formula is made of all natural ingredients, the color will darken a bit overtime. This is expected and totally normal. As long as the customer is within the date range on the concentrate. All of our design choices were made with you baby in mind, which makes the Healthybaby body wash even better for the whole family: our focus is to eliminate common chemicals that are harmful to baby’s brain and nervous system, and that we know you don’t want around your family and in your own skin. Our packaging is free of single use plastics, and we use beautiful stainless-steel bottles to avoid exposure to chemicals released by plastic. Our bottles are durable, reusable and designed to last. Our concentrate is also designed to save money and natural resources by allowing you to dilute it: a little goes a long way! Each concentrate makes up to 6 bottles, good for up to 200 baths. Plus, because the concentrate will be diluted with water at home, we are not wasting resources like shipping unnecessary ingredients.
Experts agree: having pre and probiotics in skincare products is worth it, because they help the skin to remain in a balanced state, and repel the environmental conditions that cause inflammation. A combination of prebiotics and probiotics is ideal for improving skin’s surface protection, and they benefit the skin in three key ways. First, they act as a protective shield by preventing bad microorganisms from provoking an immune reaction, which creates a more calming environment for the skin. Second, they produce natural antibiotics called antimicrobial peptides that combat bad bacteria. And lastly, they boost the skin's essential function of acting as the first barrier in dealing with external factors including free radicals, sun, and pollution.
Unlike other brands, every single one of our ingredients is transparently described on our label, In addition to pre and probiotics, the Healthybaby family wash also contains Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, known for its properties to gently protect and nourish the skin, Organic Calendula Flower Extract with its antiseptic and soothing properties that help reduce the occurrence of dry skin, Organic Chamomilla Flower Extract to provide anti-fungal and antibacterial benefits, and Organic Lavender Oil for its balancing properties that help keep the skin’s natural moisture barrier.
It’s very easy! Each bundle comes with a large concentrate container and pump. Screw the pump in the large container, and pump the ounces required for each use into the container included in the box. Pump up 4 oz for the Baby wash yellow bottle, and 6oz for the taupe color, larger family bottle. Pour the concentrate in the stainless steel bottles, add water up to the twinkle, shake, and done! Ready for a clean, safe and healthy wash. Gently massage foaming wash onto body, scalp and hair, avoiding eye area, or pump directly into baby’s bath. It’s gentle enough for daily use.
The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is an independent organization that since 1993 has been evaluating products to make sure they meet their strict criteria for avoiding ingredients that have any health, ecotoxicity or contamination concerns. Additionally, the EWG verification ensures that the product labeling provides full transparency of what’s in it, and that it has been made using good manufacturing practices to further ensure the safety of their products. Their team of scientists - toxicologists, chemists and epidemiologists - scrutinizes every product so you can be sure that a product bearing the EWG VERIFIED™ symbol meets the strictest standards. The Healthybaby family wash is not only EWG verified, but also Made Safe, Non-toxic, Non-GMO, Biodegradable, Not tested on animals and Responsibly Made in California.
Yes it is! Our skincare wash concentrate is are made in sunny Southern California, with our manufacturer that is an EPA Green Power Partner. We are proud to say that the sun powers up to 86% of the electricity for our skincare concentrate.

Looking for more info? Here’s our full FAQ.