Our Cloth Diaper Set

with organic cotton and your choice of a cover


Cloth diapering is a two-part system — an absorbent inner diaper and a waterproof cover — which work together to be the softest and most absorbent diaper out there. Our inner cloth diaper is made of the softest organic cotton to cradle baby’s bum. We have two options for a waterproof cover: a lightweight cover or a merino wool cover.

Double Duty, lightweight cover: 

  • made of two layers of our super soft, secret weapon Oeko-tex certified polyester - super breathable, stretchy, surgical grade
  • provides the very best protection, with two rows of snaps so you can get the best fit for baby, even as she grows
  • Doubles as a swim diaper!

Merino wool cover:

  • Made of super soft, organic, merino wool for natural waterproofing
  • Note: merino wool requires lanolizing in order to keep it waterproof over time. Learn more about lanolizing and how to take care of your outer cover here. 


What’s included:

Two absorbent cotton inner diapers 

Made of 100% unbleached, GOTS Certified organic cotton. Each inner diaper has two rows of snaps, and with multiple size options, you can get the best fit for baby.  

  • Two liners
    • Made of the same organic cotton as our inner diapers. Use a liner for additional absorbency!
  • Your choice of one double duty, lightweight cover or one merino wool cover.
    • Our lightweight cover is a high contrast black and white pattern for our newborn size, tailored for baby’s development at that stage! Bold black and white patterns help stimulate baby’s vision and encourage cognitive development.
  • One organic cotton zip bag


Caring for your cloth diapers:

Lightweight cover: Machine wash at 100 degrees F or lower, hang dry. Maximum ironing temperature is 120 degrees F. Do not bleach, do not dry clean.

Absorbent inner diapers: care guide.

Merino wool cover: care guide.

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