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Our suite of products pairs with developmentally appropriate activities rooted in science, all around your everyday routines.

Because baby is soaking it all in—

These early years are incredible. During this amazing window while time flies for you, your baby is making 1 million or more neural connections every second! To help make the most of this special time, we've created safe, enlightened products and science-backed enrichment activities that inspire meaningful connections.

  • Developed for Healthy Brains
  • Plant-Based Materials for Baby's Skin
  • Food Grade Quality Standards

A complete system for you and your baby

Coaching & Expert Guidance & Enrichment Videos

Our healthynest enrichment library offers you enlightened parenting guidance, brain-building enrichment activities and free 1:1 coaching for new parents. We bring the latest behavioral neuroscience from world class thoughtleaders who have made it their life’s work to understand baby’s brain health and development to you now. When your baby feels safe, the science shows it’s primetime to learn.

Developed for Healthy Brains

Our focus is neurological safety. From our prenatal and baby care to our multipurpose non-toxic home, we eliminate common chemicals and plastics and we use food grade testing for anything that could be harmful to baby’s brain and nervous system.

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Meet Our Brilliant Minds

“We are now at the state of scientific knowledge where we can reduce the risk of...developmental and neurological conditions in children.”

Dr. James Adams

Chief Science Officer, Neurological Health Foundation

"Over the next decade, EWG is going to be at the forefront of accelerating the trend to clean up our economy, to have clean products, clean production processes, and healthier consumers and a healthier planet as a result."

Ken Cook

Co-Founder and President of EWG

“My mission is all about challenging the status quo as it relates to things that are taking us off target, that are taking us away from what we could do, and who we could become."

Dr. David Perlmutter

Neurologist, Best-selling Author

"Your relationship, the way you interact, the way you speak with your child, the way you connect with your child, how attuned you are to the experience that they're having shows them that they can feel safe in this world."

Dr. Aliza Pressman, Ph.D

Developmental Psychologist

"When I think about the potential in a child's brain, it really is mind-blowing because the skills, the abilities, the knowledge that can grow and emerge from that brain is tremendous."

Dr. Suzanne Goh

Pediatric Behavioral Neurologist

"We are nature. We're not other than nature. We're not something standing outside of nature. We are nature endlessly wired into nature. We evolved that way."

Dr. Stephen Cowan

Developmental Pediatrician

Parents love us because we love them

“These diapers are amazing, not only did I get to sleep through the night because I didn't have a wet cranky baby waking up, but we didn't have to change her sheets because they were dry. My daughter also has very sensitive skin, so I was hoping she didn't have any type of reaction, thankfully she did not so these diapers have been a life saver!!!”

– Russell

“Really, the perfect diaper, I try to avoid exposing my kids to unnecessary chemicals but sometimes the trade off is comfort. The Healthynest diapers seem to have it all.”

– Heather

"They are remarkably smooth and soft, almost cloth-like. I did not notice how stiff other brands feel until I had healthynest as a comparison. And my husband says they are the best diapers he has ever used in 13 years of parenting. High praise! They're truly wonderful. We love the products so much."

Carrie A

"Love them! They are soft and gentle on my baby’s skin but tough enough to contain the massive blow outs which is a huge benefit. I haven't had to change my baby’s outfit 3 times due to a leaky diaper."


"I really like them! They're super soft, cloth-like, and adorable. I felt good about putting them on my son."

Kari S

"The diapers are hellaaaa soft, like qualitatively diff in feel than ANY brand I've ever used."

– Mara B

"Absolutely love them! So soft on babies skin and still great at absorbing moisture."

Marina B

“It was incredible, we went through about 4 cards with Baby Jemma and she loved them! Like a moth to a flame, she loved these immediately. And the diapers are fantastic - clearly quite soft but also thinner overall and less bulky”

Gavin M

"Wipes are also really good from my perspective. Some other wet wipes fell almost immediately drying on skin whereas these are much gentler. I like the texture of them too!"

Taryn A

Our friends at EWG

Environmental Working Group is a US-based organization that has created a database, called Skin Deep®, listing over 80,000 personal care products and providing an overview of more than 150,000 chemical ingredients, classified according to toxicity. Learn More and support their work. Our founder, Shazi is a board member who trusts their science to make the best decisions for her family.
Ken Cook, EWG Cofounder & President

Ken Cook, EWG Cofounder & President
Meet Ken