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The Wow & The How

Our new series to unlock development in daily life.

For the first time ever, the world's leading experts in developmental health have come together to create a comprehensive, cognitive based educational series.

Every month, Healthybaby members will receive a digest catered 
to baby's age with everything you need to know to support baby's development and help them grow to their full potential. Because 
from pregnancy to parenting, we're here for you.

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Shazi Visram

Shazi has been on a mission to support parents with the safest and best options they love since 2003. She is the proud founder of Happy Baby Organics, where she pioneered organic food for all babies.

Her own personal experience around what impacts healthy connected development in the first years of life has inspired Healthybaby where we believe in making change with innovation for a brighter more connected, and chemical free future.

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The Healthy Baby Show Podcast

These early years are incredible

Your baby is making
1 million neural connections every second!