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The Wow and the How: A Series to Unlock Development in Daily Life

Parenting is hard. Especially now. We’re parents who have faced real challenges, found answers from experts with the longest waitlists, and have done something big: demystified development. For the first time ever, the world's leading experts in developmental health have come together to create a comprehensive educational series. Our mission? To make developmental health easier for you to integrate into your daily routine.

Every month, Healthybaby members will receive a digest catered 
to baby's age with everything you need to know to support baby's development and help them grow to their full potential. Because 
from pregnancy to parenting, we're here for you.

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Shazi Visram

"Healthybaby is the culmination of everything I've learned as a mother to a sensitive child with special needs and another who has benefited from what he's taught us we need to do.... that I want to share with all families."

Shazi is an activist working to protect our children and a veteran entrepreneur whose life's work is about setting new standards for safe organic food for babies only to realize that there is so much more we can do to proactively enrich baby's connected development.

"My hope is that healthybaby will support you at every step of your journey with the information you want to know, the safest essentials for your precious baby, and the coaching support you deserve so you can focus on what matters most – a happy, healthy life.”

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Parenting Resources
We are committed to providing resources and voices new parents can trust.
Dr. Stephen Cowan
Dr. Stephen Cowan

Dr. Cowan is a pediatrician with over 30 years of clinical experience working with children. He has a specialty in Developmental Pediatrics and is a fellow in the American Academy of Pediatrics, serving as a member of the section on Developmental Disabilities. Dr. Cowan has treated Shazi + Joe’s son Zane on an ongoing basis, and has been a resource to the family throughout their journey.

Dr. Stephen Cowan
Ken Cook
Ken Cook

Ken is the President and Co-founder of the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment. He is widely recognized as one of the environmental community’s most prominent leaders. As a member of the EWG board, Shazi has lobbied with Ken on Capitol Hill among many efforts to change the state of children’s health today.

Ken Cook
Dr. James Adams
Dr. James Adams

Dr. James Adams is a President’s Professor at Arizona State University, where he directs the Autism and Asperger’s Research Program. He is the Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Neurological Health Foundation, and has authored over 150 scientific articles in peer-reviewed publications. Dr. Adams and Shazi serve jointly on the board of the Neurological Health Foundation and share a commitment for children’s health due in part to their shared experience of having a child with autism.

Dr. James Adams
Dr. Suzanne Goh
Dr. Suzanne Goh

Dr. Goh is a pediatric behavioral neurologist, a neuroscience researcher, and author. She has dedicated her career to researching and developing therapies for neurological conditions that impact childhood brain development. She graduated summa cum laude at Harvard Medical School and was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University. . In addition to her Clinical practice, she went on to serve as a faculty member at Columbia University, with joint appointments in the Departments of Psychiatry and Neurology.

Dr. Suzanne Goh
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