Setting Limits

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Last Month's Wow:

Memory and Storytelling

Using repetition, visualization, and elaborate storytelling can lay the foundation for healthy memory development.

The Wow of Now:

Setting Limits

Your baby may live in the now, but loving and consistent limits can help them establish a sense of “later.” This helps develop the ability to delay gratification, a key to impulse control and regulation as they age.

The Wow Ahead:

Two-Word Phrases

Two-word phrases may begin to replace “no” and represent a less rigid mindset for baby. Prepare to chuckle when you hear them repeat the phrases you use every day, and take their copy-cat ways as a hint to be more mindful about your words.

The Wow

Setting consistent limits around what baby can and cannot do is actually a way to demonstrate love. Limits—the kind created with empathy, understanding, consistency (reassurance via the predictability of routine)— help babies feel secure, safe, and cared for (and have nothing to do with punishment). At this age, setting a limit isn’t just about rule-following. It’s about introducing boundaries on behavior, and helping baby figure out alternate ways to express themselves. 
Knowing the boundaries (and that there are boundaries) helps baby to organize their behavior, find their own limits, and build trust with their primary caregiver (that’s you!). Limits help them understand how to respond to stimulus: Is that allowed? What are the risks and consequences? These ideas drive cognitive skills like cause and effect and help us to feel less overwhelmed by emotions.

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