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Last Month's Wow:

Sensory Integration

From birth, Baby's sensory system is working in unison–across all 8 senses (8!)–to lay a foundation for wellness and development.

The Wow of Now:


Baby’s more-integrated brain can finally begin to take control of their body. This allows them to willfully engage with their environment in a more coordinated fashion and with more controlled motor skills–like tracking and swatting–which are beginning to develop.Are they beginning to focus on things like discovering their hand? Moving to grab interesting objects? That’s baby wanting to learn and actively engage. Accomplishing these small feats makes baby eager to do it again—and inspires their first responsive smiles!

The Wow Ahead:

Sleep Disruptions

With this new level of integration, rhythm, and connection comes a new experience of flow in the stream: dreaming. With dreaming comes changes in sleep patterns and an opportunity to reinforce an important learning: consistency is integral to training security. This is key to navigating the potentially rough waters ahead.

The Wow

Congratulations! You’ve unlocked a new phase in baby’s play and development—the social smile. Though brain development is a combination of genes and experiences, science has proven that back-and-forth interactions (also called “serve-and-return” interactions) with a caring adult are essential to a baby's ability to learn, grow, and thrive. The architecture of their brain is built on loving and consistent responses from caregivers like you. Think of back-and-forth interactions like a game of catch: Baby smiles or coos, you respond in return. You smile or coo, baby responds in return. Baby reaches for an object, you label what they are reaching toward. Baby cries, you provide comfort. In this way, baby’s brain mirrors the expressions they see, copying the reactions and responses of those around them.

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