Food is Information!

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Last Month's Wow:

Sleep Disruptions

Healthy sleep is one of the most important life skills baby can learn; it connects to calm attention, stress management, memory consolidation, and healthy growth.

The Wow of Now:

Food is Information!

You may have noticed that Baby is holding their head upright with more coordination and confidence. You may also notice more squeals, tongue movements, and interest in what you're eating. These are all signs that baby is getting ready to start trying some solid (pureed) foods.

The Wow Ahead:

The Flow of Movement

Big things are on the horizon! Remember the Neuro-Gastro-Immune system from month one? The flows of eating, sleeping, and engaging, are about to click.

The Wow

The activation of the head, neck, tongue, and vocal cords represents the Social Engagement Network, which is essential for executive-function maturation and more advanced information processing. Speaking of information processing: next up is eating. Creating opportunities to explore different tastes opens up baby’s world, helps exercise the immune system and tongue coordination (which will stimulate language and help baby explore a wider sense of satisfaction). Recent research also suggests that introducing tiny amounts of diverse foods around this age can help reduce food allergies, and improve baby’s interest in a wider range of foods.

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